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The Leading Canvas Supplier in Thailand


Our goal is to bring innovative,
eco-friendly and superior quality multi fabrics to our worldwide customers


We operate our business
while taking the best care of
the environment as much as possible.

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CVS Thailand, established in 1983, is the leading canvas supplier in Thailand.

Waterproof Canvas
Waterproof Canvas Fabric
organic canvas

about us

CVS’s Mission Statement – bring innovative, eco-friendly and superior quality fabrics to our worldwide customers. We offer a wide range of fabrics for global Footwear, Equipment, Home Textile, Stationary, Toys, Bags, and Apparel industries etc. Our fabrics feature crafted look, fashion and sustainability bringing your product and project a unique point of difference in a crowded and competitive marketplace.

CVS’s goal is to embrace the Green initiatives in our material sourcing and production process but not sacrificing quality and innovation in our material offering. Our vision for “Green” idea ranges from the “organic” raw material to the “Clean” technology dyeing and finishing process. For years our customers can count on us to transfer the conceptual designs to the physical materials with the international quality standard produced from an environmentally-friendly process at the competitive price. We are always seeking for better in products and processes to achieve or exceed our customers needs while caring how the environment will be affected from our manufacturing process.

“From organic raw material to the clean technology process”


Woven & Knit Textile;

Cotton Canvas from 3 oz. to 24 oz., Polyester Canvas, Cotton & Poly Blends, Denims, Jersey, Chambray, Yarn-dyed Plaids and Stripes, Jacquard, Organic Cotton, BCI Cotton, Recycled PET, Jute, Pineapple, Kapok.

The Eco Friendly Fabrics;

Organic Cotton, BCI Cotton, Recycled Cotton, Recycled PET Polyester, Jute, Pineapple, Kapok, hemp, fabrics, etc.

Special Process;

Stone Washing, Screened Printing, Roller Printing, Digital Printing, Discharge Printing, Tie-Dye Process, Dip-Dye Process, Rustic Washing, Bio Washing and Embossing, etc.

Other Treatments;

PFC-Free Water Repellent, Flame Retardant, Anti-bacteria, Anti-mold and UV protection, etc.


why cvs

Our Products

  • Highest quality and RSL substances free, confirming to International Standard specifications.
  • For product development, small batch orders are available.
  • Consistent color throughout the entire roll.
  • Excellent color matching.
  • Free of color variations.
  • Free of color migration.
  • Free of defective weaving.
  • Highly competitive pricing.
  • Bring new inspirational material creation based on leading brand’s seasonal timeline but also as whenever needed.

Our Process

  • Quality assurance – fabric produced by an ISO9001 certified standard.
  • We use the best dyeing technology. The Cold Pad Batch (CPB) dyeing method is the non-thermal dyeing process which is environmental friendly in both less water and energy consumption.
  • CPB dyeing is highly beneficial as it offers the highest color quality and can be offered in small orders.

Our Service

  • Special requirement service available.
  • Fast and reliable delivery.
  • Offering a wide range of coloring service customizing to customers’ core designs to seasonal trends.
  • Offering standard to high technical printing techniques matching to customers’need.
  • Able to stock of core colors and greige goods for customers ready for shipment.
  • Global delivery service – able to distributor to any desired location.

CVS has engaged with the Sustainable and Reliable Source of Data Website guidelines for improvements in environmental cotton sources and eco-friendly chemical process

Better Cotton Initiative Membership

Better Cotton Initiative

Textile Exchange Supporter Member

Textile Exchange

Sustainability Apparel Coalition Corporate Member

Sustainability Apparel Coalition

CVS materials are graciously selected to be displayed in Material Connexion in New York, Tokyo, Milan and Bangkok for eco-friendly and innovative materials choices globally.

Social Outreach

Sharing is caring

Sharing is caring

While everyone is striving to have a healthy life under the Covid 19 pandemic but the increasing numbers of infected people have been climbing up to the level of the unmanageable beds and the necessities for the hospitals, our company see the opportunity in supporting people who need help. In 2021, 20,000++ pieces of bed sheets, pillowcases and draw sheets have been produced from our fabric to support the field hospitals and the waiting centers. Under the many challenging situations fighting with the virus and curing all those who were infected, many stories of the medical heroes are inspiring and heartbreaking at the same time. We feel so gratitude for those medical army who have to work all day and night long in the field while leaving their family at home.

Sharing Is Caring

Sharing Is Caring

CVS donate 4 tons of fabric rolls to Thai Water Rescue Society who will bring these fabrics to create things such as first aid supplies, medicine bags, and backpacks for children in the distance area.

Sharing is caring

Sharing is caring

CVS donated 200 rolls of fabric to Rehabilitation Center in U-bonratchathani Province. This donation will enable many of the area’s disabled population, to create products from this donated fabrics for personal use as well as for sale.

Sharing is caring

Sharing is caring

CVS and our subcontractors donated 10 tons of clothing to the Mirror Foundation, an advocate for the less privileged people in rural and poorer areas of Thailand.

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CVS (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
33/1 Soi Promsri 2 Sukhumwit 39 Klongtan-Nue
Wattana Bangkok 10110 Thailand

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